Marin County's leader in alternative dispute resolution for more than 25 years.

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A local option with highly effective neutrals and responsive personal service.

Customized Service

At Resolution Remedies, we tailor our approach to provide relief to people in conflict with intelligent, sustainable dispute resolutions.

ADR Options


Voluntary and flexible, mediation empowers participants to exercise discretion and decision-making authority throughout the proceeding.


A neutral arbitrator considers the arguments and evidence and much as a judge would, and renders a decision based on the merits of the case.

Private Trial

Confidentially handled by a retired judge (as Judge Pro Tem) in a private setting.

Special Master

Indispensable in large or complex cases, a special master oversees discovery, case management, and settlement.

discovery referee

A discovery referee can timely resolve discovery issues to help keep your court case on track.

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Simple, Transparent Fee Policy

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Our Panelists

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Eileen Barker, Esq.

Forgiveness, Family Law & More

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Lawrence A. Baskin, Esq.

Real Estate, Business, Contracts, Arbitration & More

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Cheryl Bossio, Esq.

Toxic Tort, Insurance, Employment & more

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Justice Dennis A. Cornell (Ret.)

Family Law, Judge Pro Tem, Arbitrator, Neutral Case Evaluation & More

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Alan M. Mayer, Esq.

Landslide, Water, Fire Damage; Land Use; Construction Defect & More

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Barbara S. Monty, Esq.

Tree/Neighbor Disputes, Construction, Mediator-Arbitrator & More

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Gary T. Ragghianti, Esq.

Real Estate, Land Use, Public Entity & More

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Len Rifkind, Esq.

Real Estate, Land Use, Public Agency, Landlord/Tenant & More

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J. Randolph Wallace, Esq.

Business & Employment, Construction, Real Estate & More

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Matthew N. White, Esq.

Personal Injury, Employment, Discovery Referee & More

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W. Bruce Wold, Esq.

Aviation, Real Estate, Consumer Law & More


A Woman Owned Business

Resolution Remedies is a local option with highly effective neutrals and responsive personal service. We provide excellent legal services and relief to people in conflict. We offer reasonable rates and a simple fee policy with no cancellation fee, no re-set fees, no additional session fees, no time minimums, and no credit card fees. We furnish a Zoom facilitator for videoconferencing, and warm hospitality at our superb conference facility. We are a Woman Owned Business. We are problem-solvers and we look forward to working with you!

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