Resolution Remedies

Resolution Remedies:
a leader in alternative dispute resolution since 1995.

Cherie Sinclair, Principal
Gary Ragghianti, Panelist

We are a local option with highly effective neutrals and responsive personal service.

We share and support your commitment to providing excellent legal services and relief to people in conflict.
We offer reasonable rates and a simple fee policy with no cancellation fee, no re-set fees, no additional session fees, no time minimums, and no credit card fees.
We are a woman-owned business.
We provide a Zoom facilitator for videoconferencing, and warm hospitality at our conference facility.
We are problem-solvers and we look forward to working with you!

Personal Service

As a group of legal professionals, Resolution Remedies understands the needs of practicing attorneys, their clients, and self represented individuals who are involved in, or trying to avoid, litigation. We realize that alternative dispute resolution is supposed to be flexible, and tailor our services for each of our unique assignments. In every step of the process, we support our clients in reaching intelligent, sustainable dispute resolutions. This support begins with an attentive case manager who offers information with initiating your case, guidance with selecting a mutually agreeable neutral, timely scheduling, clear billing, and a pleasant environment that is conducive to a sound resolution process.

Esteemed Panel

Each of our fine panelists has their own approach, personality, and breadth of experience. Many of our loyal clients have their favorite “go to” panelists for certain types of cases. Our retired judges bring a wealth of knowledge from their decades of service on the bench, and are authoritative, compassionate dispute resolution professionals. The distinguished attorneys on our panel have decades of experience in their field and are seasoned negotiators and innovative problem solvers. All our neutrals are resourceful, active listeners who help our clients develop sensible and lasting solutions.

Reliable Results

We have been resolving conflicts for more than 25 years, and our mediators have excellent settlement rates.

Mr. Wold displays patience and understanding with the legal issues as well as the underlying problems of the case. He ably communicates problematic issues and brings the litigants together to make informed and reasonable decisions.
- Dewey Wheeler
Judge Smith was pleasant, forthright, and firm and direct when needed.
– Diane Papan
Randy [Wallace] communicates most effectively and facilitates communication even among those who may be reluctant to do so.
- Ed McGill
Barbara Monty was fully prepared and displayed an excellent understanding of the case. She treated all with courtesy and respect and was helpful in ratcheting down a prior level of animosity.
– Jennifer Sommer
I really appreciated [Gary Ragghianti’s] focus on the facts and willingness to unpack them.
- Toussaint Bailey
Larry Baskin was a very good listener. He is highly knowledgeable and found pragmatic solutions.
- Neil Moran