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The comments listed below were gathered from the evaluation forms we send out to each party’s representative after the case is brought before one of our panel members. 


“Judge Campilongo was perfect in his handling of the issues and personalities.  I love his direct approach.  –Hugh Helm, Esq.

“Matt White was excellent.  I would highly recommend him as a mediator”  -Michael Harwood, Esq.

“Judge Roth really was superb.  This is a case that took patience and good questions, not a sledgehammer and it worked!” 

“It is always a pleasure to work with Gary.  Mark Perlman and I are impressed with his work and will keep him in mind for future mediations in the North Bay area.” –Kimberly A. Shields, Esq.

“Gary Ragghianti worked very hard and long on a difficult case and did not relent until we had it resolved.” –Ivan Weinberg, Esq.

“I wish I could provide some constructive comments, but every aspect of your service was more than satisfactory.  I am very impressed with the facility and the services, and will use Resolution Remedies again.”  -Heidi Hugo, Esq.

“We selected Clay Clement for this mediation because of his vast knowledge of real property law.  He didn’t disappoint.”  -Gail F. Flatt, Esq.

“Worked perfectly.  Commissioner Buckley was perfect for our case—fantastic at helping all to resolve the case. Thank you!”  -Mary Needham, Esq.

“Thank you for being here.  This saved me and my family a LOT of heartbreaks.” [referring to Commissioner Buckley]

“[Judge Breiner] was spectacular.  Rarely have I enjoyed a more erudite, polite, thoughtful and reasonable judge.”  -Mathew Stephenson, Esq.

“Gary’s guidance and persistance made the difference in settling our case.”  -Leonard E. Marquez, Esq.

“Mr. Sternberger knew exactly what to do and how to handle difficult personalities.  He knew exactly what buttons to push.”  -Michael Estep, Esq.

“I really appreciated lunch being provided so we could keep working” –Daryl Weinroth, Esq.

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