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Excellent from the point of involvement to resolution. – Joshua Eisenberg, Esq.

I've been to places that charge a lot more for a lot less. – Arthur Pirelli, Esq.

First rate service. Fully professional and capable assistance. Very high quality and reasonably priced. – Geoff Spellberg, Esq.

The staff was fabulous in view of the bomb scare. Larry Baskin did a first rate job under trying circumstances. We settled in a restaurant down the street. – Victoria Neidorf, Esq.

Barbara Monty is a passionate and tenacious mediator. She not only demonstrates a quick grasp of the legal issues, but is adept at dealing with and diffusing the personal dynamics that can drive many disputes. – Barry Bonapart, Esq.

Gary was great as always. He has an extremely quick grasp of the facts and law. – Ken Downs, Esq.

Judge Smith was pleasant, forthright, and firm and direct when needed. – Diane Papan, Esq.

Outstanding service! Love Matt White. – Debra Bogaards, Esq.

Bruce Wold went far beyond all expectations to settle this case, and it only settled because of his perseverance. Just an excellent mediator with terrific people skills. – Len Rifkind, Esq.


Larry is direct and very effective! I was not confident we would reach a settlement, but we did. – Robert Jaret, Esq.

I want to thank Mr. Baskin for his very effective efforts in achieving an out of court solution to our miserable long standing dispute. I do believe we can now work toward being just good neighbors. – Michael P. (client)

Larry Baskin was a very good listener. He is highly knowledgeable and found pragmatic solutions. – Neil Moran, Esq.

This was the "bomb scare" day. Larry did a great job and we settled the case. – Patrick Macias, Esq.

Larry Baskin was even-keeled and effective. He knew the personalities and how to solve the problem. – Michael Muzzy, Esq.


Judge Dufficy is knowledgeable. He knows when to let the attorneys take the lead and knows when he has to step in and be firm. – Michael Bassi, Esq.


I just finished mediation with Alan and I must say he did a terrific job. The issues, and contentious attorneys, myself included, seemed like child’s play for him. While the dollar amounts were modest - sometimes the hardest cases are less than six figures - he brought the case home and settled it. Well done! - Len Rifkind, Esq.

Alan, I want to express my appreciation for your help in leading us through the mediation yesterday. Your experience and steady focus on compromise to achieve agreement was extremely valuable. – D.L. (client)


Based on my experience, the reason cases settle (or fail to settle) is in large part a product of the enthusiasm, demeanor, creativity, finesse, energy, and overall personality of the mediator. Barbara Monty scores a solid A+ in every one of these categories. That is why I have retained her expertise in numerous cases. Barbara Monty comes with my unconditional highest recommendation. – Joe Salama, Esq.

Barbara Monty is a marvelous mediator and her clients love her. Her experience as a litigator and her compassion and emotional intelligence make her an expert at guiding parties and attorneys, sensitively and firmly, toward settlements in mediation. – Nancy Foster, Esq.

Barbara Monty was fully prepared and displayed an excellent understanding of the facts and legal issues. She treated all involved with courtesy and respect, and was helpful in ratcheting down a prior level of animosity. Ms. Monty was focused and efficient, and I would not hesitate to use her again. – Jennifer Sommer, Esq.

Barbara Monty's ability to effectively communicate with the parties, reduce the tension, and persuade the parties to see the merits of the positions of the other parties was excellent. Her patient efforts and skill resulted in a very favorable outcome for my client, and I doubt another mediator would have been able to achieve that result given the conflict the case had previously seen. – Thomas Kelly, Esq.

Barbara Monty is definitely a top of the list skilled mediator. Recently, she mediated a case in which the personal conflict between the parties was intense, the legal issues and documents were numerous, and the expert testimony was substantial. Barbara maintained control of the sessions, kept the hostile parties calm and focused, and redirected what had been an irresolvable dispute into a discussion of settlement approaches. She skillfully brought the resolute pro per litigant to appreciate the legal complexity of his case and guided his counterpart in assessing the benefits of ending the battle. - Vincent DeMartini, Esq.


Gary, you are very obviously cut from the very dignified type of practitioner cloth that made our profession a great one. The lawyer-statesman personality that you hold is effective and gives to the clients straight talk – a gift. – Benjamin Graves, Esq.

Gary did an excellent job. Case settled. The client was very impressed. Gary made me look like I really knew what I was doing. – Seth Schwartz, Esq.

Gary was his usual effective self. Just what we wanted. – Clay Clement, Esq.

Gary was, as usual, excellent! – Thomas Bertrand, Esq.

Couldn't be more pleased! Gary was able to settle a case which had two prior mediations, four prior settlement conferences, and difficult personalities. Truly excellent! - Martin Ambacher, Esq.

Gary's guidance and persistence made the difference in settling our case. – Leonard Marquez, Esq.

Gary Ragghianti is my "go to" as a real estate mediator. Gary is fantastic. – Neil Moran, Esq.

First rate – great command of facts and positions taken by counsel. – Austin Comstock, Esq.

I really appreciated [Gary Ragghianti's ] focus on the facts of the case and willingness to unpack them. – Toussaint Bailey, Esq.

Gary Ragghianti worked very hard and long on a difficult case and did not relent until we had it resolved. – Ivan Weinberg, Esq.

Excellent arbitrator, methodical, fair, asked good questions, and issued a well-reasoned decision. – Dylan Pollard, Esq.

Gary, thank you for your much needed help – you are GOOD! - T. Glaser (client)


Once again, Vern settled the unsettleable. – Don Drummond, Esq.

Judge Vernon Smith was excellent. Results oriented but sensitive to parties' need to be "heard." - Paul Carey, Esq.

Judge Smith was on top of the information in the mediation briefs. His interaction with the attorneys and clients was personable and professional. His experience was notable and recognized. – Paul Hoff, Esq.

Judge Smith was very effective and efficient. – Katherine Falace, Esq.

Judge Smith was very effective. I enjoyed working with him. – Mark Meredith, Esq.


I have mediated two matters with Randy Wallace that I believed had no legitimate chance of settling, but both matters settled for two basic reasons: Mr. Wallace’s complete understanding of the law related to the real estate issues, and his tactful manner in explaining the inherent uncertain outcomes of litigation and why it is better to control the outcome rather than allow a trier of fact to determine the outcome.  - Steven A. Simontacchi, Esq.

I have known Randy Wallace for 30 years. I have had first hand experience with Randy as co-counsel in complicated, sensitive and challenging cases. As a lawyer Randy was always thorough, deliberate, prepared and honorable. He approaches his tasks with great good humor, which, of course, promotes success and makes hard work a lot easier for everyone.
Whatever the context and whatever the backgrounds of the participants, Randy is able to communicate most effectively and to facilitate communication even among those who may be reluctant to do so due to conflict or because of other inhibiting factors.
He is certainly up to the challenge of amiably and effectively dealing with strong willed people of diverse backgrounds. This is evidenced by his success as president of the Marin County Bar Association and in presiding over its 21 opinionated directors at their monthly meetings. - Ed McGill, Esq.

I have known Randy for well over a decade. We represented adverse interests when we first met, and the matter was among the more contentious that I have ever dealt with. While he was a zealous advocate for his client, I cannot help but think that he was at the same time an effective counselor, and that in the absence of his efforts, the case would not have resolved, and a judge or jury would have made our clients’ decisions for us. My takeaway at that point was – this is someone I can work with, and someone who I can cut to the chase with without all of the extraneous nonsense that too often afflicts our profession. I have since asked Randy to serve as a mediator on a variety of cases for me, and my views have not changed – he treats everyone thoughtfully, with respect and (in certain instances) with perhaps more patience than I could ever muster. - Mike Spalding, Esq.

I have mediated with Randy a number of times and always look forward to it. Randy is insightful, friendly, intelligent and astute. My clients feel at home with Randy and that their matter actually has a good chance of resolving. Randy has settled all cases I've brought to him, not surprisingly. I would wholeheartedly recommend him. – Barrett Schaefer, Esq.


Matt is terrific – worked very hard with all of us and clearly spent the advance time learning the issues. – Geoff Spellberg, Esq.

Matt White is great, good judgment, good and patient with clients. – Attorney

Matt worked hard, kept confidences, and created a positive environment. – Steve Pollak, Esq.

Matt did great work with high conflict personalities. – Christian Kemos, Esq.

As always, Matt was very effective. Second to none. – Steven Perl, Esq.

Top notch mediator. Effective, persuasive, fair, and got it done. – David Mesa, Esq.

Matt is wonderful! Excellent at getting great results! Matt is my go-to mediator! - Anne Marchant, Esq.

Matt White was excellent. I would highly recommend him as a mediator. – Michael Harwood, Esq.


Bruce Wold is amazing. As a Discovery Referee in a hotly contested trade secret/unfair competition case, he heard and decided 35 different discovery motions. Bruce read every page, he understood the issues, conducted fair hearings, and his rulings were always well-reasoned and fair. More important than my own perception, my client always felt he got a fair hearing from Bruce Wold. – Neil Moran, Esq.

Mr. Wold has displayed both patience and understanding not just of the legal issues in dispute but the problems that we often face that lie beneath the case at hand. He is able to communicate problematic issues with opposing sides and bring the litigants together to make informed and reasonable decisions. – Dewey Wheeler, Esq.

In a difficult and contentious case, Bruce Wold did a superb job and was instrumental in getting the case settled. Bruce had a very strong grasp of the facts and the law. He was personable, tenacious, pragmatic, and persuasive. I highly recommend him. – Todd Emanuel, Esq.


Cherie, the arrangements and hospitality at your shop were much appreciated. Mediation to me is like a trip to the dentist but your team made it as pleasant as possible. Gratefully, John F. (attorney)

Cherie rocks! Everyone is super helpful, and the food's good, too! – Sylvia Shapiro, Esq.

Cherie Sinclair is wonderful – despite my very cranky complaints she made me happy. She's amazing! - Neil Moran, Esq.

Cherie is terrific! Very comfortable and accommodating. Thank you. – Diane Papan, Esq.

Cherie and Jackie are always a pleasure to deal with and very accessible. – Dylan Pollard, Esq.

Staff is friendly, personable, easy to work with. – Peter Bassi, Esq.

Quick and easy scheduling process. – Douglas Smith, Esq.

No problems, despite scheduling challenges associated with my representation of 12 clients. Always highest quality service. – John Sharp, Esq.

Excellent administration. – Robert Jaret, Esq.


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