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If you found yourself stranded
on a disabled chairlift at Lake Tahoe, dangling helplessly amid a blinding Sierra blizzard, you could have no better seatmate than Resolution Remedies’ Gary Ragghianti. A master storyteller with a wicked sense of humor, he would make you forget your misery. Engaging, personable, disarming, irreverently funny, and compassionate, “Rags” is what we used to call a “salt of the earth guy.” With family roots in both North Beach and Marin, the longtime native-son attorney brings intellectual sharpness, legal expertise, communication brilliance, and an acute sense of timing to the mediation table.


“I am a very good listener,” says Ragghianti, “and I am extremely loyal to the receipt of information I gather from all sides of the dispute. My strongest attribute is that I come into a proceeding very well prepared. Possessing all the necessary and relevant facts involved in a dispute serves always to gain the trust of the parties, as well as their attention, and we may commence to resolve the dispute without having the opposing parties feeling resolution is being thrust upon them. I recognize the fact that each party feels that they are correct, they are smart, they are busy, and that they should prevail.


“The real art sought to be employed in every mediation is to provide an opportunity to help people make sound, voluntary decisions about their dispute grounded in a real appreciation of the risk, terms, expense, angst and uncertainty that punctuates all litigation or disputes. In addition to applying the law to the operative facts of a matter before me, I strive always to ensure that the parties utilize good business judgment. In the end, I want and expect the parties to choose a solution after careful review of the matter with me. Effective resolution is very satisfying.”


Ragghianti, whose success rate is among the industry’s highest at 95%, says he likens the art of mediation to the challenging task of peeling an onion layer by layer. While the method is tiring and tedious, he says there is no other way that adequately preserves full disclosure, fairness for all, and eventual mature resolution. He also never underestimates the power of well-timed humor.


“The bottom line,” says Ragghianti, “is that we are all flawed, imperfect human beings struggling to make things right. Humor is the powerful glue that binds us together and keeps us on the track toward resolution and closure.”



Gary T. Ragghianti has practiced law in Marin County since 1969. After two years as a Deputy District Attorney for Marin County, he left in 1971 to enter private practice forming Conn, Breiner, Birkie & Ragghianti. Currently, he is the senior member in Ragghianti Freitas LLP, located in San Rafael, CA. Mr. Ragghianti has extensive jury trial and court trial experience, representing both plaintiffs and defendants. Since 1977, Mr. Ragghianti's practice emphasis has involved Municipal Law, Environmental Law and Land Use and Zoning Matters, representing both public agency and developer clients, business and real estate related litigation. In addition, his practice involves Personnel Matters dealing with Worker Discipline, Demotion and Wrongful Termination claims involving both public and private clients, both plaintiffs and defendants.


Mr. Ragghianti, at one time, represented four of the 11 cities in Marin County (Belvedere, Tiburon, Corte Madera and San Rafael).



President, Marin County Bar Association, 1982; Instructor of Criminal Law (three years), College of Marin; Founder and Chairman of the Board of former Metro Commerce Bank (formerly Marin Community Bank, acquired by Union Bank of California in 2002), San Rafael, 1989. Named to Best Lawyers in America, every year from 2003 through 2012 (and will be listed in the 2013 edition, as well); named to Northern California Super Lawyers, each year from 2005 through 2010. To be named in Northern California's Best Lawyers 2013. Received the AV Preeminent designation from Martindale Hubbell, 2012.



J.D., University of San Francisco Law School, 1968

M.A. (Humanities), Dominican University of California, 2004

B.A., University of San Francisco, 1965