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Since his appointment to the bench, Judge Berger has developed a particular expertise in employment law and wrongful termination, complementing his broad personal injury experience. In addition to legal and medical malpractice matters, Judge Berger's expertise includes partnership dissolution, premises liability, wrongful death, products liability, and commercial litigation. Judge Berger brings a relaxed & "knowledgeable" mediation style to the matter at hand. His integrity and fairness in the handling of disputes has produced numerous settlements.



In Sonoma County, Superior Court Commissioner Bonilla's name has long been synonymous with fairness. She brings to Resolution Remedies considerable civil expertise plus 30 years' experience dealing head-on with divorce and child custody issues. Opposing parties and attorney colleagues alike universally applaud Bonilla's innate ability to bring calm and common sense to high-conflict mediation tables seething with emotion. Commissioner Bonilla developed the first supervised visitation program for family law matters in Sonoma County and was the first woman in Sonoma County appointed to prepare sentencing reports and deal directly with male felons, in custody and out.



Although physically challenged as a result of a stroke, Judge Breiner's wisdom, thoroughness, knowledge of the law and commitment to fairness, combined with his extraordinary sense of humor, have provided the legal community with a much needed resource. Judge Breiner has particular expertise in personal injury, business litigation, probate, construction, family law, land use & zoning matters. His excellent knowledge of the law, his integrity, insight, and his unique ability to relate to people - "people skills"- are second to none. He is enjoying all aspects of ADR in the private sector, providing mediation, arbitration and judicial reference services.



Well known for her compassion and tenacity, Commissioner Jeanne Martin Buckley served as the sole settlement judge for all long cause family law cases in Sonoma County for 14 years. Since her retirement, she has been actively engaged in ADR, achieving a near perfect settlement rate. Comm. Buckley has extensive expertise in all aspects of family law matters, including probate, will contests, and guardianships. Additionally, she has successfully handled matters involving personal injury, harassment, molestation, domestic violence, business contract disputes, partnership dissolution, real estate, landlord/tenant and medical malpractice.



A preeminent authority on Family Law, Justice Dennis Cornell earned his renown during his twenty years in private practice and twenty-three years on the bench, fifteen years of which he served as a Justice on the California Court of Appeals. He freely shares the knowledge and experience he has gained in his years in practice through numerous speaking engagements, training programs, and seminars. After retiring from the bench in June, 2015, he is ready to embark on the next chapter of his legal career—applying his extensive set of skills toward mediation, arbitration, and private judging with Resolution Remedies.



Judge Dufficy recenty retired from the Marin County Superior Court after serving twenty years. He has extensive experience in all types of matters including personal injury, medical malpractice, wrongful death, construction defect, product liability, real estate, land use, employment, family law & probate matters. In the area of probate and trust law, he has handled a number of complex, multi-party cases, involving will contests and trust litigation in multi-million dollar estates. Judge Dufficy is well known for his excellent "settlement technique" and highly developed "people skills".



A very successful mediator, Judge Gallagher is enjoying a near perfect settlement rate since his retirement from the Sonoma County bench. His broad expertise includes the areas of real estate, construction, complex probate matters, personal injury, wrongful termination claims, complex multiparty cases, insurance coverage, business litigation, real estate and product liability. He also has substantial personal experience in investments and property management. Judge Gallagher brings intelligence, imagination, common sense and diligence to his settlement approach . Judge Gallagher is proficient in the Spanish language.



Judge Gyemant has been active in alternative dispute resolution since her retirement from the San Francisco Superior Court in 2001. During her 20 years on the bench, she has mediated hundreds of cases including personal injury, business, professional negligence, real estate, landlord-tenant, family law, wrongful termination, race and gender discrimination, maritime, and commercial matters. Judge Gyemant has handled numerous multi-party cases involving medical malpractice, business and real estate. She has arbitrated contract disputes, including disputes between developer and subcontractor, landlord and tenants, and between restaurant partners.



Judge Vernon Smith retired from the Marin County Superior Court in 2007 after twenty-five years of judicial service. He served as trial Judge in hundreds of cases and is recognized as a very effective settlement judge. Judge Smith brings intelligence, imagination, and diligence to his settlement approach. His broad experience includes the areas of medical and legal malpractice, real estate, construction, complex probate matters, personal injury, wrongful termination claims, complex multiparty cases, insurance coverage, business litigation, employment, family law, and product liability. Judge Smith is known and respected by both plaintiff and defense bars.



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