Institutional Disclosures

Pursuant to Standard 8(b)(1) of the Ethics Standards for Neutral Arbitrators in Contractual Arbitration, RESOLUTION REMEDIES (ResRem) hereby discloses its relationships with Parties, Lawyers and Neutral Arbitrators, as follows:

ResRem is a full service provider of dispute resolution services. ResRem maintains a comprehensive listing of ADR Professional Neutrals that are affiliated with the organization, which list is available under Professional Panel.


Resolution Remedies is a DBA of Bayside ADR Services Inc. which is wholly owned by its president and CEO Perry D. Litchfield.  ResRem has no financial interest in any party. No party or lawyer in the arbitration or law firm with which a lawyer in the arbitration is currently associated is a member of or has a financial interest in ResRem.


ResRem is in the business of administering matters and providing dispute resolution services for individuals who are seeking a resolution to their disputes. ResRem has not entered into any special contractual nor any financial relationships in regard to these services with any party, lawyer or law firm with which a lawyer in the arbitration is associated.


Members of ResRem's panel of ADR Professionals have no financial interest in ResRem, and each operates as an Independent Contractor. ResRem submits invoices to the parties/lawyers, collects the fees for the Neutral, and pays the Neutral for his/her time. The ADR Professional Neutral has no knowledge of who is paying for their ADR services. Mediators and Arbitrators are regularly recruited and added to the panel of ResRem. Potential panelists either contact ResRem and express their interest in joining the panel or are approached directly by ResRem. All background material for the candidate, including references and experience, are submitted and reviewed by Perry D. Litchfield, President & CEO. who alone makes the decision to accept or deny inclusion to the Panel of ADR Professionals. All panelists are aware of the ethical guidelines governing the ADR Industry and its current developments through regular correspondence from ResRem.


Arbitrators are selected for a specific case in the following way. First, ResRem complies with any court orders addressing appointment. If there is no court mandated appointment process, the parties are encouraged to agree on an arbitrator if possible. Should the parties be unable to agree, an identical list containing a minimum of seven names is sent to the parties. The parties are either referred to our web site for biographical information or copies of their biographies are sent via fax or email. Each party is asked to strike three names and number the rest in order of preference. ResRem then selects as arbitrator the panelist that survives the lists with the lowest number of strikes by the parties. The person selected as arbitrator is still subject to the statutory disclosure procedure and possible disqualification arising from the process.

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