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As a group of legal professionals, Resolution Remedies understands the needs of practicing attorneys, their clients, and self represented individuals who are involved in or trying to avoid litigation. We realize that alternative dispute resolution is supposed to be flexible, and tailor our services for each of our unique assignments. In every step of the process, we support our clients in reaching intelligent, sustainable dispute resolutions. This support begins with an attentive case manager who offers information with initiating your case, guidance with selecting a mutually agreeable neutral, timely scheduling, and a pleasant environment that is conducive to a sound resolution process.

The Panel

Each of our panelists has their own style, personality, and breadth of experience. Many of our loyal clients have their favorite “go to” panelists for certain types of cases. Our retired judges bring a wealth of experience and knowledge from their decades of service on the bench, and have been authoritative, compassionate dispute resolution professionals since retirement. Our distinguished attorney mediators have decades of experience in special areas of expertise, and are seasoned negotiators and innovative problem solvers. All of our neutrals are active listeners and find great satisfaction with helping clients develop effective, lasting solutions without the distress of going to trial.



Our talented, dedicated professionals have an exceptional success rate and our clients’ respect and appreciation. To see what our clients are saying, please see our Testimonials page.

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