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As an attorney owned and operated ADR service, Resolution Remedies understands the needs of practicing attorneys and clients alike, and we strive to tailor our services to those needs.  Each case is assigned to an individual case manager who will become your contact at Resolution Remedies to serve all of your administrative and billing needs.  Our dedication to client satisfaction is seen in every step of the process.  For instance, unlike many ADR services, we serve a complimentary in-house lunch—a meal that has received rave reviews from our clients.  It’s just a small testament to our attention to client needs and our determination to satisfy them.

The Panel

Our panel of former judges and distinguished attorneys are dedicated to the practice of alternative dispute resolution.  Our panel of neutrals specializes in alternative dispute resolution and has the experience, training and results to truly offer ADR services.  Each panel member has a unique style and personality, and your case manager will work to assign you to the neutral that best suits your case and has the highest probability of success in that regard.  Each neutral has to meet our stringent requirements for admission to the panel, so rest assured that any neutral you decide on will be thoroughly experienced and skilled at dispute resolution.


Innovative Thinking

Our innovative approach to dispute resolution is reflected in our implementation of technology into the process.  Most significantly, we have equipped a number of our conference rooms with video webconferencing technology that can be utilized at the client’s request.  Due to the importance of face-to-face interactions when it comes to dispute resolution, this won’t exactly revolutionize the way mediations and arbitrations are performed, but it does provide another tool for the neutral to resolve the dispute.  This technology can help overcome distance and the cost of travel while streamlining the process by making it easier to work around scheduling conflicts.  If a party is not webcam-equipped, we can ship the webcam and provide the assistance of our technology expert to resolve any glitches.  Furthermore, we have digitized and uploaded our forms to our website to streamline the ADR process as much as possible.



Simply put, we get the job done.  Our credentialed and well-respected panel boasts an exceptional success rate.  If you need any further proof, please feel free to consult some of our former client testimonials.

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