ADR Process - Fast Track Special

ADR Process



Private Trials


Neutral Case Evaluation

Discovery Referees


For only $187.50 per-side, per-hour you may settle your dispute!

  • Admin and management fees included

  • Pre-hearing coordination included

  • Panel member's regular mediation rates apply after one day.

  • This special offer applies to mediations in our San Rafael and Santa Rosa offices only.

  • Offer only for new cases completed by 9/3/2012

  • Case management by industry professionals

  • Four-hour minimum (regular hourly rates apply if the case goes beyond one day).

  • Cancellation policy: Minimum of 48 hours notice.

For only $375 an hour, with a minimum of four hours, you may settle your dispute for as little as $750 per side in a two-party case. Even larger savings in a multi-party matter.


Our entire Professional Panel is participating in this special, so please call today to check the availability of your preferred mediator--(415) 258-0900.

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