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Insurance law involves disputes arising from insurance claims and policies. The vast majority of cases are between policyholders and their insurance carriers, however, the subject of the claim can vary enormously. A strong neutral for insurance cases should have both familiarity with insurance practices and sharp ability for calculating remedies. In many cases, fault is not necessarily in dispute, but the calculation of damages can yield a wide range of values, and guiding the parties to settlement on a single figure is often the bulk of a mediator's assignment. In an arbitration, the neutral must be very familiar with the law surrounding various forms of damages to make an appropriate decision.

Although these principles underlie many ADR proceedings, they are particularly important when handling insurance cases, especially since the law regarding suits against insurance carriers is fundamentally different than the law on suits between individuals or non-insurance entities. Considering these nuances of insurance law, it may be wise to select one of our ADR professionals with experience in insurance law for your mediation or arbitration.

The following neutrals from our professional panel have extensive backgrounds and superior qualifications for handling insurance cases. With their expertise in insurance law, you can rest assured that your case has the greatest potential for successful resolution with these ADR specialists.

Please note that our entire panel of ADR professionals is capable of handling the vast majority of cases, regardless of the neutral's specialties or areas of experience. However, if you feel that your case presents especially complex legal or technical issues, selecting a neutral with a background in that area for your case may improve the efficiency of the ADR proceeding.

Larry Baskin, Esq.
Judge Michael B. Dufficy (Ret.)
Barbara S. Monty, Esq.
Gary T. Ragghianti, Esq.
W. Bruce Wold, Esq.
Mattew N. White, Esq.
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