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Most appeals arise from the end of a trial when one party, dissatisfied with the outcome of the case, will appeal to a higher court to review the procedures and rulings of the trial court. Even though cases on appeal have already gone through trial, they are often as ripe as any case for ADR. In fact, some California state courts have experimented with requiring mediation for cases on appeal. These mandatory mediations yielded a settlement rate of 43 percent, a striking success considering the obstacles to settling cases at the appellate level and the compulsory nature of these mediations. As a result, the average time from notice of appeal to resolution in these ADR experiments was reduced from 14 months to 4 months.

Since the appeals process usually involves more legal technicalities than the initial trial, it's often helpful to seek out a neutral with experience in this unique field of law. The following neutrals from our professional panel have extensive backgrounds and superior qualifications in appellate litigation and ADR. With the benefit of their expertise in appeals, you can rest assured that your case has the greatest potential for successful resolution with these ADR specialists.

Our entire panel of ADR professionals is capable of handling the vast majority of cases, regardless of the neutral's specialties or areas of experience. However, if you feel that your case presents especially complex legal or technical issues, selecting a neutral with a background in that area for your mediation, arbitration or private trial may improve the efficiency of the ADR proceeding

Mattew N. White, Esq.
W. Bruce Wold, Esq.



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