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Often the parties to a dispute, especially business entities, require discretion to avoid public disclosure of sensitive information or secrets.  A private trial offers all the advantages of courtroom litigation in a private and confidential setting.  Typically the private trial is governed by the court rules and procedures that would apply if the dispute went to trial.  However, all documents filed with the tribunal are kept confidential, protecting your sensitive business information.


Furthermore, the parties are able to choose the presiding “judge” from our professional panel of neutrals.  Some cases present complex legal and technical issues, and it will often serve the interests of all parties have an arbitrator who has particular expertise in the area of law involved.

At the conclusion of the private trial, the parties’ appointed judge will issue an enforceable judgment.  Much like a normal trial, the decision of a private trial is subject to an appeal, which may also be conducted in a private setting.  With a private trial, the parties can keep sensitive information confidential and avoid the delays and cancellation costs associated with a congested court calendar to have their dispute ruled on in the comfort and privacy of the ResRem offices.


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